About Us
The Crew
CoFounder and CEO
Having worked in the US for a couple of years, Ayush came back to India to help build world-class companies from India. Ayush works to help businesses on building the processes that make things happen and generate positive ROI quickly.

He has a strong belief that putting the right people with the right orientation and process can take out all risks associated in building global teams and take advantage of the global talent and cost.
Pravin Uttarwar
Cofounder and CTO
Passionate professional with a balance of technology and business skills, Pravin has 11+years of experience in managing the complete software development life-cycle of internal and external enterprise web development. Pravin focusses on technical innovation across RemotePanda services and works with the internal team as well as vendors to educate them on the best practises, the best architecture and infrastructure that is required to build worldclass products.
We exist because people look for alternatives to existing marketplaces that have lately become databases of people. A lot of people find us when they are searching for phrases like 'managed remote workers', 'guarantee on remote workers' or even questioning the quality of work achieved from the remote worker.

Thats how our company came into being. We were ourselves, looking to find remote workers who can get our work done and we do not have to manage them. We wanted to make sure that the relationship between us and our remote workers leads to efficiency in our work. What we found though was having to run behind the remote workers, getting half done code and really no control on the working style of remote workers.

RemotePanda is built for CXOs who want a managed service for their remote workers. CXOs who want to transition to having a remote workforce but do not want the hassles that come with managing a remote team. CXOs who need a helping hand from experts to help set up their remote team with a measurable ROI and clear accountability.

We believe that CXOs are firefighters. Everyday is a chaos and there is lot of work to be put at every end to keep things under control. When CXOs take up any initiative, they are looking for lesser work for them and how they can make their time free. CXOs look for efficiency and ways to make things better than they are both in terms of time and money.

RemotePanda is build for these people and companies that want to mitigate their risk and take no chance that comes associated with outsourcing. We have developed a marketplace with unique features that are like a concierge service to outsourcing, and where a success manager is assigned to you to help you throughout the journey from matchmaking, setting of the process, building the KPIs and reporting.

We continually speak with CXOs on what they need and how we can impact their ideas - while still keeping things simple.