About Us
The Crew
CoFounder and CEO
Having worked in the US for a couple of years, Ayush came back to India to help build world-class companies from India. Ayush works to help businesses on building the processes that make things happen and generate positive ROI quickly.

He has a strong belief that putting the right people with the right orientation and process can take out all risks associated in building global teams and take advantage of the global talent and cost.
Pravin Uttarwar
Cofounder and CTO
Passionate professional with a balance of technology and business skills, Pravin has 11+years of experience in managing the complete software development life-cycle of internal and external enterprise web development. Pravin focusses on technical innovation across RemotePanda services and works with the internal team as well as vendors to educate them on the best practises, the best architecture and infrastructure that is required to build worldclass products.