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The #MakeRemoteWork survey report is about the latest trends in the Remote Work Industry. This report answers questions ranging from cost, management & trust to difficulties, solutions & work environment related to remote work. Download this report to learn:
  • Why CXOs choose to work with remote teams in 2018?
  • What are the major challenges when working with remote teams?
  • How much does it cost to create a remote team?
  • How hard is to manage a remote team?
These are just some of the questions that the report aims to answers. Download the Report Now!
We met with over 250+ CXOs and took inputs from over 300+ other professionals to prepare an analysis report on the remote work industry.

Here's what a few CXOs have to say about Remote Work

Krish Chopra
CEO of NPHub
Stephen Goldberg
CEO at HarperDB
Bryan Giese
CMO at FusionAuth
Chandra Sabbavarpu
CEO at Valsatech Corp
Jeremy Berman
Founder of GoodUnited
Himal Ahuja
Co-Founder at Quinncia
Greg DiNardo
Co-Founder at Arbit, Inc.
Brian Borg
Owner of
OnPath Testing
Jose Larin
Co-founder at HootBoard
Colton Griffin
CEO of Flourish Software
Paul Canetti
Founder and CEO of MAZ
Ade Herbert
Partner at Green Cell Media
Daphne Vanessa
Co-Founder at STARTNOO
Christian Zimmerman
Co-Founder & CEO of Qoins
Marcus Blackwell
CEO of Make Music Count LLC
Casey Linnell
Founder/CEO Local Motives LLC
Mike Oshea
Senior Software Developer at ClinOne
Riley McCormick
Account Executive at National Business Furniture
Brian Park
Managing Director of SparkLabs Cyber+Blockchain | Real Time Cases, Inc.