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Target audience:

  1. CXOs
  2. Budding Entrepreneurs
  3. Hiring Managers
  4. Consultant/Project Managers

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  1. Fast and simple onboarding steps to hire your remote staff
  2. The biggest mistakes many companies end up doing unknowingly with their remote teams
  3. How to get the best out of your remote team
  4. Secret strategy of leaders that excel at building their remote team

About the speaker

Krish Chopra is the Founder and CEO of NPHub.
He believes in two truths: everything is a learnable skill and real leadership involves caring for others. Krish's mission is to empower underserved communities and currently, he is developing a platform in the nursing industry to help Nurse Practitioners graduate on-time.

Recognized by Medium as a top writer in Leadership, he also regularly contributes to major publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive Global, Huffington Post, and Inc.

About NPHub: NPHub aims to empower Nurse Practitioners by providing innovative products and services relevant at different sections of their careers. Most recently, NPHub has a created an app that allows NP students to find preceptors and clinical rotations effortlessly. A painstaking process that NPHub has reduced from a typical 3 months timeline to under 30 minutes.