How To Use Design Thinking To Engage Remote Teams And Manage Global Projects Across Cultural And International Barriers
Getting quality applications within your organization's geographic area is the biggest challenge nowadays. Add to that if you are a startup then many of the best professionals are simply out of reach due to salary and benefit limitations.
Using Remote Teams To Support Your Nonprofit Organization
All organizations, nonprofit or for-profit, have funding limitations. This means they are often unable to hire all the skills they need. For example, they may not need or be able to afford a full-time a web developer, marketer, grant writer, HR professional, etc. And yet, having these skills available will make them much more successful.
AI In 2019: Top Trends To Watch
During 2018, we witnessed a dramatic rise in the platforms, tools, and applications based on Machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies not only impacted software and the Internet industry but also other verticals such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, automobile, and agriculture. We will continue to see the advancement of ML and AI-related technologies in 2019 and beyond.